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  • Looks like the YUI js is the culprit. I guess Sandman doesn't keep up with security alerts.
    1 day out 3 with sunshine and nice weather. I wish I could be right one of 4 time and still have my job. Weather people have it easy.
    Weather man says sunny with no rain. What do we get? Thunderstorms! Shows you how much those boneheads know.
    What the heck is wrong with Admin Extra? It's been down just about all day.
    Vegas trip is coming to an end. I now have 2 daughters married. It's the sons turn now.
    In 3 hours I will have a new son in law. Pictures of the wedding to be posted as the day goes on.
    Love beef burger, Bass Ale and will top it off with a whiskey shake. It don't get any better than this.
    Going to get a tattoo tonight after we hit the burger bar and Jimmy Buffets bar.
    If you have sales in your username it's a dead give away that you're a low life spammer.
    By this time next week my beautiful daughter will be married. Vegas here I come.
    No stealth moderation they say. Yea right. A thread about a bunch of hacked forums mysteriously disappeared.
    When the hell is vbulletin setup going to fix that Google hijack that is hitting them. Damn that site went downhill after Brandon sold it.
    Tornado warning for my area until 10pm tonight. It's that time of year.
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