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  • Yep that's it. Redirects to on first click from Google then every click after is ok.
    Ham, cheesy potato casserole, polish sausage, sauerkraut, and strawberry short cake for desert. Now to take a nap.
    TGIF and it's mine and my wife's 13TH anniversary. Lucky 13 is all good.
    Vista in a VM is pretty peppy. More so than I remember it being when I used it as my every day OS.
    Install Vista in VM for shits and giggles. Runs better than I remember.
    And they need to stop obsessing with other people that actually have a life other than online.
    Cloned my Windows install to the new SSD. Damn what a difference in load time for programs and Windows.
    Great MMA action on Showtime tonight. Diaz and Melendez kicked major ass.
    Going to merge Forum Buddy into Just BS. Time to consolidate. Still have a forum for sale if anyone is interested. Contact me for details.
    I had with low life spammers. To the point that I just banned gMail accounts from registering on one of my forums.
    Well time for bed. Going to Louisville in the morning for the weekend.
    Thanks for all the birthday wishes everyone. Much appreciated for sure.
    Just found out a friend of mine won a cool million from the lottery. It's party time!
    TGIF! Got to put my schedule together for next week then I'm off to the house.
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