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  • On one site 3 regs were legitimate the other 18 were spammers.
    Got to love Windows Easy Transfer. Installed Windows 7 to a new drive and with WET it was easy to transfer the settings from old to new.
    How bout them Seahawks? Shittiest team in history to make the playoffs.
    When you celebrate the New Year tonight do it safely so I still have people to comverse with next year.
    Not feeling very good today. Spending more time in the bathroom than anywhere else.
    Just dust busted the computer case. Temps down to normal now. I should do this more often.
    Vikes win! Bears get number 2 seed as long as Atlanta beats Carolina.
    Well Saints win. Even if the Eagles lose tomorrow the Bears still have to win or need Atlanta to win in order to get the number 2 seed.
    Time for Eagles and Vikings game. Go Vikes! Vikes win and Bears get 2nd seed in playoffs.
    It's party time in a few hours. Good food and good company = great time to be had by all.
    Can't wait for holidays to be over. Then I can concentrate on what I need to do.
    Bears win NFC North. Now to lock down the number 2 seed. Go Bears!
    Great time, great food and met the future in-laws at my daughters house last night.
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