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  • My Christmas present is being delivered tomorrow. Maybe I can get it early.
    Bears game at 3PM today. I hate late games. Nothing to do if the 1ST game sucks like they usually do.
    Want to buy all my vbseo licenses in one fell swoop? You'll get the whole account with 7 licenses. 4 expired, 3 active.
    Raining now. Freezing rain to follow. Then snow and bitter cold. Got to love Illinois weather.
    Yes we have our first snowstorm of the year. 4 inches and counting.
    Bears win. What a game. D looked great and Cutler was amazing. It wasn't as close as the score shows.
    Well what looked like a great day turned into a rainy day. Such is Chicago weather.
    Time for bed. Early rise tomorrow. Got to get through Thursday to get to the best day of the week.
    No. No. No. You ain't getting in. Stay out. Can't touch this. ohh,ohh,oohh, can't touch this. Break it down.
    Hump day over. Can't wait for Saturday and dinner with my daughter and future son in law.
    The Flu is in full bloom. Even my hair hurts. Damn it sucks to be sick.
    While I'm waiting I think I'll take a knap. Getting a little tired and don't feel all that well.
    I try to be nice for a change and then it bites me in the ass. You know who I'm talking about and to that person kiss my ass!!!
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