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  • Can't wait for Saturday. Dinner with my daughter and future husband.
    This has been the single most screwed night in the history or nights.
    Fights last night were a little disappointing. Johnson should have got a draw. Alexander looked sluggish in the win.
    Hi Schwartz. Can you point me to a source of VBscript to map users to specific group drives on log in?
    Like members of the group Accounting have access to drive K in addition to their own personal drive.
    I know it involves disableing the drive mapping first then reassigning it to the various members of the group on login.
    Had a great time yesterday at my daughters house. Good food, good drink, good fireworks and great company.
    Going to be putting IPB Setup up for sale. Just don't have the time for it.
    Hi BSchwarz, have nice day..this is my situation, im unable to access network printer using browser with windows server 2008. i already installed the file and printer service. what was happened if i try to access the ip address of a network printer with windows server 2008 ie browser, the web page cannot be found(HTTP 400 bad request). thank you!
    plz help me in Customizing the build-in tab
    generally if we open a folder it will display {Name,Size,Type and Date modified etc..}
    i need to edit that field and add a new word in the script
    so help me in resolving this issue
    Hello BSchwarz !!!

    I have a problem with my FS windows server 2008 std, when i try to transfer a file of 2 GB or more the server hangs and delay to much to do the copy or transfer, if i have luck, any idea??
    Site isn't big enough yet, but, if you post a little about yourself and your experience with Windows 2008 I'll keep it for when the time to add mods comes. Also help out with the questions that are asked here. If you show knowledge of Windows 2008 it will help speed up the promotion.
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