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    Time Keeps Changing In Windows Server 2008

    This is what i found (go to Time Service section), not sure if it applies to your problem, but might give a try. Sorry, only now realized you use Xen, cant find a way to...
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    Hyper V Access Remotely Not Possible

    Hi, Or you could just create "Remote Desktop Users" (pick a name that suits your rules) in domain add users that you want to be able to connect over remote desktop and populate new gpo in group policy that puts this group under local remote desktop users group on domain computers, you can also...
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    Strange Behaviour When Joining Computer To Domain

    Hello, I'm new here, but anyway i have strange problem, when joining computer in our domain. I have user 'xxxx', its regular user account and he is only member of domain users group. When i add new computer to domain this particular user becomes member of local "Offer Remote Assistance Helpers"...
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