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    Young People And Their Future

    Well actually this could be a good idea. But first of all I should find a job and after that I must obtain all the required permission to work in Australia. Remember that I live in Switzerland (not EU) so all these things are always more complex than usual. But hey, if you hear something let me...
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    Ola I'm New! Hit Me!

    Congrats and good luck!
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    Young People And Their Future

    Hi Kerberos. Thanks for your reply. Well after 3 years I can say that things are gone from bad to good. I started as a system engineer and now I'm network engineer. I work for a company that really understand what you can do and help you to improve even more in your job. I admit, I would like...
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    Terminate A Session Using A Programmed Task

    Try this: use the SYSTEM account, check run with highest privileges and still with run also if user is not logged on. if this doesn't work, the try to add /f to your batch. also check if the user as the privilege"log in as a script"
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    Terminate A Session Using A Programmed Task

    Can u post your batch file content? It looks like the batch misunderstand the computer status.
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    Terminate A Session Using A Programmed Task

    In scheduled task you have one option "run this task even if user is disconnected" or something like that.
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    Srp Whitelist For App That Need Admin Rights

    The point is: if the "run as administrator" is hardcoded into the app you can do anything. I had the same problem with just one application. It check the privileges of the user at startup and if it wasn't in admin's group, then the app wont work :/
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    Vpn And Access Problem

    Hi. You aren't really precise. If I understand correctly you are trying to connect one pc to that server via VPN. Are you using Windows's integrated VPN or a specific software (like Cisco VPN client)? Anyway by default the VPN connection is used to connect to a specific network AND the internet...
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    Time In 2003/2008 Mixed Domain

    Use this command: w32tm /resync /rediscover If it doesn't work please post the output of: w32tm /query /status AND enable this: w32tm /debug /enable /file: And redo a resync, then post the output of that log file.
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    This Program Is Blocked By Group Policy...

    YOu have a policy which is blocking that program. You should have something here: (POLICY [local or domain]) Computer Configuration > Windows Settings > Security Settings > Software Restriction Policies Remove any policy that blocks your program and then you should be ok. If the issue is not...
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    Cisco Questions...

    Post result of: Sh ip int br Sh ip route
  12. ICTCity

    Cisco Questions...

    line vty 0 1 password cisco login Means that 2 telnet sessions require authentication with Cisco password. line vty 2 4 login Means that you CANNOT use these connection. You need to logout of each telnet session.
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    Cisco Questions...

    Try to ping It should work. Anyway update the firmware ;)
  14. ICTCity

    Cisco Questions...

    it sounds like a bug to me... Try to update the firmware first (good luck ... hard to find but try with google or similar). Then post a show run before and after restart. PS: you don't need copy run flash, just wr mem & copy run start ;)
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    Help With New Network Layout :)

    If the NIC on your router doesn't support VLANs than don't plug a VLAN port into a non VLAN port...
  16. ICTCity

    Ad Sites And Services Site Container Corrupted

    the site no longer exists right? so... if NOTHING is inside... delete it ;)
  17. ICTCity

    Help With New Network Layout :) What do you mean with "hyper-v takes screenshots"?
  18. ICTCity

    Help With New Network Layout :)

    Depends on your hypervisor... are you using vmware / xen / hyper-v?
  19. ICTCity

    Help With New Network Layout :)

    Hi man. People tend to put DC and DNS together because of many reasons. 1) By default the DNS server points to itself for DC request, so you need to change each DC-Related record to point to your DC (_tcp, _ldap, ...) but do you really want to do that? Why? 2) what is 684a 10? and the second...
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    Multiple Nic Cards On Same Server 2008 Box

    Ok now it's clear. You are trying to load balance traffic on both interfaces. By default windows sends traffic to the first available interface so it will not use both interfaces. What you can do is to bind services only on some interfaces. Let's say webserver + database on nic1 and other on...
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