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  1. ICTCity

    Video Tutorial #1 - Migrating AD and FS to 2008 R2

    Hi, Finally I can post my video tutorial, it explains how to migrate a DC and a FS from Windows Server 2003 to Windows Server 2008 R2. I hope you can find this video helpful and if you have comments / suggestions, answer to this topic!
  2. ICTCity

    Check Spelling

    Hi all, Why not add a button with "CHECK SPELLING", it could be useful for me :P ehehe
  3. ICTCity

    Why Should I Install The Core Version Of Win Srv 2K8?

    I'm still waiting for somebody who can explain me the advantages from a core installation. I just saw you can't manage everything (for example IIS), you have to use another server to open snap-in and log on remotely... THE HELL!!! What's the point? Really, I use Windows and I like it, but WHY...
  4. ICTCity

    Young People And Their Future

    Hi all, I'd like to share my experience and what I'm feeling now. I live in Switzerland and I'm 20. I'm almost finished with the school and as I ever said, I want to find a job. The school I've done it's an apprenticeship (I know in many countries there's not this kind of school), anyway it's...
  5. ICTCity

    Daily Notification For All New Posts

    Is there a way to receive an e-mail everytime a topic is started? It's something like the "view new content" but ONLY for new topics. I receive an email for all the topics where I answered and that's fine, but I have to login to check if somebody has opened a new topic.
  6. ICTCity

    A Bit Late... But Hi All Guys!

    Hi guys, I hope I can help you and you me :P I'm young (almost 21) but I have a good experience with Windows and Linux. I'm Network+ certified and I'm studying for the CEH certification. I love networks and security :) Keep posting guys! Cheers
  7. ICTCity

    Printers Mapping

    Hi all, We've just migrated from Srv 2k3 x86 to Srv 2k8 x64. All users are connected via TS. We have a print server that is running Srv 2k3. Now, when users connect to the new TS, they can't add any printer because of the driver is not correct (no x64 drivers). That's ok... but here's the...
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