CLSID failed (800700b7)



If IIS Manager doesn’t open because of the error below, it may cause delays in maintenance and migrations.

The error message:

Creating an instance of the COM component with CLSID from the IClassFactory failed due to the following error: 800700b7



This issue may happen after an in-place upgrade, migration, Windows updates or any other operation that works with system libraries. There is likely a corrupted or missing system file.

There are a couple things to check if you run into this issue:

  • Check Event Viewer to find out information about the root cause
  • Collect Process Monitor trace and look for any failures. Don’t be surprised if everything looks good in the trace because the root cause may hide behind a SUCCESS message. Take another trace from a working server and compare them

If logs and traces don’t provide a lead, here are a few things to try (Test if IIS Manager opens successfully after each step):

  1. Uninstall IIS Management Tools in Server Manager and install them back
  2. Check if IIS Admin Service starts in Services window
  3. Perform iisreset
  4. Run aspnet_regiis -I
  5. Check the permissions on this folder: c:\programData\Microsoft\crypto\RSA\machineKeys
    Make sure Everyone has Read/Write and Administrators have all permissions
  6. Reinstall .NET Framework
  7. If nothing works, uninstall IIS and install it back

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