File Server Setup


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Mar 8, 2010
I got server 2008 from MSDN throu school.. I have used 2003 a little at school.
I have only learned basic at school, like setting up AD, DNS and DHCP..

I want to set up my server to be a file server.
- Use it as storage. (thats just to have it there xD)
- Be able to connect/get files from the server from the internett, so I can get my files from any computer.

Nead help with this / any guide would be apreciated!
Respond to me here, or you may contact me at my e-post. (

I have heard that MS servers is not the best option at this use, but I want to becaus Im probably going to use it to more later..

I have installed "Windows Server 2008 Datacenter"

Thanks for any responds!
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