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Jan 25, 2011
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Here is my problem, I need some software (or ideally integrated function in WS2008) that would manage different versions of one file or folder, when users make changes to those files
It should work this way - users connect to folder shared on server, where they create some documents (using offline files maybe) but problem is that when two or more users make changes to same file, you need to choose which file will remain, but when user doesnt know what to do (choose file that is already on server to remain, and rename his file and save it again) he can overwrite that file and delete someones all day work.
Also when somebody gets angry for company management, he can overwrite his file with blank one and also we loose some data.

Is there a way in WS 2008 or using third-party software that would do this?

Thank you very much :)
Nov 25, 2009
2008 has volume shadow copies. This works by backing up files on a set schedule, up to 64 versions retained. You can then revert to any of the backup versions. This doesn't help when all of the changes have been made after the last backup, though.

Something like DocsOpenwould be a more complete document security/versioning system, but with something like that every document that you create has some overhead in the creation process for filing and assigning the file.


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May 1, 2012
I recommend you to take a look at this file management software. You can set up your own file server for managing and sharing files through web browser. It's like DropBox but self-hosted so that you can keep all your confidential files on your own server. The web based UI looks and feels like Windows 7 Explorer. It offers features that are not possible with a FTP server such as zipping files, downloading multiple files and folders in single download etc. It's also easier to set up and administrate than a FTP server.
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