Files From Usb Hard Drive To Server - Slow!!


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Jul 18, 2011

Any help would be much appreciated

I have installed server 2008 R2 on a newly built server
running on 4MB RAM with a dual core proccessor, I have turned the server into a domain controller and also use it for DHCP and DNS. The server performs really well how ever one of its main purpose is goin to be storage of data, and this is where my problems begin. Im Trying to copy the information from an external USB hard drive onto my server and started of moving about 350gb worth of data. When i do this the transfer rate i get it 3mbps wich i consider to be very slow? But it also serverly affects the functionality of the server - it will no longer allow remote connections and just hangs on the computer i attemp this from - upon inspecting the server i am unable to open anything as it will stop responding - when i got into task manager wich took about 10 minutes to load the CPU usage is at 3% and the physical memory usuage is at 34% so i cannot understand why everything stops responding(Even task manager stopped responding whilst i was moving through tabs!) im now worried this could be a hardware issue? any ideas?


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Feb 9, 2011

This is odd, anyway open task manager, click on RESOURCE MONITOR and expand everything. The most important graphic is the DISK. Start the transfer and see what happens. Maybe start with 10 GB not 350 :p. Once completed, disable your anti virus and retry, let me know if you see any difference.

Just a suggestion: DC should be a DC, not a file server. You can use it as a DNS / DHCP server, but not as a File Server (security purpose).
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