Help creating batch file for nightly file copy

Apr 16, 2012
I need to backup/copy the mapped Z:\fileshares on 2K3 server to D:\bk on 2K8 server folder that has 3 folders each containing an Access database. This folder is located on a Windows Server 2003 and the z is mounted on a Windows Server 2008. I want to create a Scheduled Task on the 08 server that copies this folder nightly into new directory named with the date "YearDayMonth".
I've looked into FastCopy and RichCopy but I don't see the ability to create this directory. Any example of hot to create this batch would be greatly appreciated.
Apr 16, 2012
I've found and modified this PowerShell script as a solution for this but it's not copying the files that are in the source folder. It's only copying the folder itself.
$date=get-date format d
$date=$date -replace "/", "-"
$destpath = "$date"
$storage=new-item -path \\\c$\fileshares -name $destpath -type directory
copy-item -path D:\bk -destination $storage
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