JScript and VBScript?

Mar 3, 2012
Recently just got a job working with windows server 2008 r2 and i was wondering if i could get the following questions awnsered for me!
1.) IS VBScript and JScript worth learning if i know C/C++? if so why? it seems like VBScript and JScript are dumbed down simple versions of higher level popular programming languages.
2.) What was the original purpose of scripting languages vs. compiled languages?
3.) For automation tasks would compiled c/c++ programs work just as fine?


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Feb 9, 2011
Actually it's not hard to learn... but pay attention at the word SCRIPT.

C and C++ are used to create programs to interact with something (usually from user to a DB / service / ...) scripts are used to AUTOMATE something.

Let's make an example: I can create a batch file (file.bat) which erase all the temporary files once the user log off. This will take 3 mins, create the file with the notepad, create a new scheduled taks, FINISH. You can do the same thing with C or C++ but you need the compiler, write the program, compile, eventualy add the required DLLs and finally add it to the scheduled tasks.

As you can see everything depends on what you need to do.

I hope I've ansered to your questions.
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