Redirected Files/Folders missing after XP logon (account usually logs into Win7)


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Feb 3, 2012

I'm really hoping someone can help with this because I've lost a lot of very important files. The problem is this:

I have a Windows Server 2008 R2 machine running with AD DS that supplies user profiles and a redirected 'My Documents' etc to a collection of workstations. Most of the machines run XP, with a couple on Windows 7. The Documents/Favourites/Application Data folders are redirected to a shared location on the Server and so far I have encountered no problems. However, I recently logged onto one of the XP machines with a user account that has previously only logged on to one of the Windows 7 machines. When I logged back on to the Windows 7 machine with that account I discovered that all files and folders that were redirected to the server from that account are missing. There were items on the desktop (redirected) and in the Application Data folder (including some very important Outlook PST files).

I have scoured both the server and the local directories on the Win 7 machine for the missing files but can find nothing. I have also run file recovery software on both drives (in case Windows deleted them) and still found nothing.

If I am correct and the files have been completely lost, this seems to be a massive flaw in Win Server 2008, so bad that I really can't see it being the case. The alternative is that there is an error/incorrect setting somewhere in one of the GPOs.

Can any one please shead some light on this for me. I really need these files back and need to know how to stop it from happening again.

Thanks in advance

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