Rights Issue With Dfs Share


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Jan 25, 2010
Been working on a rights issue for two days now, anybody ideas ?

Server 2008
Created a DFS share called Department, beneath this share created a folder named TD.
Beneath this folder i created 2 other folders, named tdread and tdchange.
With windows policy , created a new drive mapping to the TD folder.
Created 2 DL groups, one named dl-read the otherone called dl-change
Created 2 DG groups, one named tdusers and the other one tdadmins
DL-read group contains as member the dg-group td-users
DL-change group contains as member the dg-group tdadmins

The TD folder beneath the Department share is available for both DL groups
I assigned the dl-read group On the tdread folder and the tdchange folder
I assigned the dl-change group also to both folders

When i log in with a user who is member of the dg-read group however, i have all the rights on both created folders ??? Where i would assume only read access.

checked all assigned access rights, recreated the computer object in AD
anyone a clue ??
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