Strange Behaviour When Joining Computer To Domain


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Nov 23, 2011
Cleveland, OH, USA

I'm new here, but anyway i have strange problem, when joining computer in our domain. I have user 'xxxx', its regular user account and he is only member of domain users group. When i add new computer to domain this particular user becomes member of local "Offer Remote Assistance Helpers" group. Now i wasn't "there" when domain was created :) but there must be some kind of setting that made this happen. I do have security group membership setup in group policy and this user is definitively not in any of those settings, also when i remove him from that group, he doesnt appear anymore after gpudate. I did use group policy modeling wizard and it confirms that my settings should not affect "Offer Remote Assistance Helpers" membership on domain computer. So i must be missing something here..

Thanks for any help.
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