The Layout Takes A Bit To Get Used To, But Then It Is Great!

May 17, 2010
Hi, this may be a bit of an intro post in the wrong forum, but since I experienced some issues posting, well here goes.

  • The RTE editor wont catch my cursor, had to disable it. Firefox 3.6.3.
  • The load time was over 30 seconds per page, but strangely enough it accelerated to "normal" after disabling the RTE. (Check my GEO-IP for ref.)
I love the forum colours and layout! :woot: Having a wide experience from Forum Management and some types of Forum Software I am impressed.
First its a bit confusing, but Category is all. The sidebar is simple and effective and the overall layout (except for the Ad´s of course, but that is not really a complaint) is clean, uniform and just makes sense. I am soo going forward with a similar project I am working on based on phpBB and a Portal Mod.

:thumbsup: Keeep up the good work!
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