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Oct 31, 2009
General Rules
  1. All posts must be written in English.
  2. Use the search function to see if a solution to your problem has already been posted.
  3. Don't spam/abuse any other member via e-mail or Private Messages.
  4. Post threads only in the correct Section.
  5. Use normal fonts & font sizes
  6. Keep the message on topic
  7. When quoting from a book or site, please provide info on the source (and a link if it is a website)
  8. Enter at least your real continent as location in your profile
  9. Posting in the forum using more than one account is not tolerated
  10. Using anonymous proxies to access the forum is not tolerated
Insults and threats against other members will result in a warning or a ban, depending on the frequency and seriousness of the offense. Insults and threats against the forum moderators and administrators for performing their duties will be looked upon very seriously, and will usually lead to immediate banning without previous warnings. If a member has an objection to the actions of a specific moderator, he or she must always consult the administrator, rather than sending insults or threats to the moderator in question.

Posting Rules

You may not post the following:
  • Links to adult content or gambling sites.
  • No inappropriate language or images.
  • Links to Torrent Files
  • Links to Warez
  • Links to Illegal Content
  • Spam of any kind, including referral links.
  • Posting cracks or serials
  • Racist statements
  • Flaming
  • Illegal content
Signature Rules

You can add a signature from the User Control Panel.
  • Should be compatible with other guidelines.
  • 3 lines of text with one link is allowed.
  • No Spamming allowed.
  • No HTML allowed.
  • Use normal fonts & Font sizes.
  • Limit to 400 characters.
  • Moderators have the right to edit your signature without any prior notice.
Admin and Moderator rights
  • If a staff member lock's a topic, it is for a good reason. Don't start posting the topic again. If you don't agree with it, PM the staff member who has locked the topic.
  • Staff members have the right to change Members posts. This can happen for various reasons, like posting spam or flaming. If a staff member does this, usually he/she will post the reason why he/she changed the post.
  • Staff member have the right to ban you from the forum for breaching our forum rules.
  • Staff member have the right to delete a topic without further notice. This can be done for 2 reasons.
    1. The topic was full of spam
    2. The topic had a great amount of posts that where against the Forum Rules.
  • Have respect for the decision of staff. If you feel a staff member is treating you unfairly, PM the Admin of the site to discus the problem.
User Group Permissions

We have 2 user groups for regular members. One is the default Registered Users group. This group has limited privileges to help prevent spam and abuse of posting privileges. This group can:
  • Post threads and reply to other threads.
  • View all threads and posts in all forums with the exception of the private staff forums.
  • Upload and use an avatar and profile picture.
This group has all privileges that Registered Members have with the exception of the following.
  • Can not use the private message system to communicate with other members.
  • Can not have a signature and can not post links in any non-forum specific area.
  • Can not post status updates the your profile.
This helps to prevent our users from being subjected to unsolicited private message spam.

Once you have 10 posts on The Server Forum you will automatically be promoted to the Registered Members groups. The additional privileges for this group include:
  • Access to the PM system where you can communicate with other members in private.
  • Links in signatures are allowed, but, are still governed by the limits listed in the signature guidelines above.
  • Ability to post status updates in your profile.
These rules will be reviewed periodically and you will be notified of any changes and/or additions to these guidelines.

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