Upgrade from SBS 2008 to server 2008 Std R2 running exchange 2010

Apr 25, 2012
I would appreciate any help anyone can provide me. I'm planning an upgrade from Small Business Server 2008 to server 2008 Standard R2. I've built the new server from scatch on a new box (not upgrading the existing box). My hope is to rebuild active directory and not migrate the entire AD (due to existing problems). I'm hoping to use Microsoft Active Directory Migration Tool 3.1 to migrate users, computers etc. I'm wondering if anyone has had success doing this.

Second question, is there an easy was to migrate the exchange 2007 database to exchange 2010?

thanks in advance for your help


TSF Regular
Feb 9, 2011
Hi, you can easily migrate AD with that tool.

Migrating exchange it's almost the same thing, you can unmount the database file, and remount on new server .
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