W3C Logging Service failure (ID 6005)



In some cases, Event Viewer may display “W3C Logging Service failed to connect to the pipe server” error after application pool recycles.

The error message:


Root Cause

W3logsvc process maintains pipeline to the worker process to get detailed information of each request so it can log data accordingly.

This event error happens if the pipeline connection is not available anymore.


If this error happens during application pool recycle and it doesn’t cause any issues with the application, it’s okay to ignore it.

In the scenario I troubleshot, it was happening at 4am which is the time for the regular application pool recycle. There were occurrences during the day but when I look into them, I saw application recycles right before the Event ID 6005 so they are also expected.

Note: In the my case, the issue started occurring the application is migrated from Windows Server 2012 R2 to 2019.

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