We're Back on New Domain


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Oct 31, 2009
I had health issues and while in the hospital and rehab center serverforum.org domain expired and I lost it. Didn't have auto-renew on. My mistake. Once I made a full recovery I decided to register this domain and get the site started again.

I would like to welcome everyone back to The Server Forum. I will not make the same mistake again so you can be sure The Server Forum will be here for a long time.

From the original announcement when we opened up for the first time.
The Server Forum is a community for server admins to gather together and discuss what it takes to run web servers.

It is also for forum admins to discuss the servers they use to power their communities. No forum software specific forums here although you can discuss the software that powers your server in the General Server Discussions forum or the Water Cooler forum.

So to all I say welcome and hope that I get to know each and every member that joins.
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